Honor Group Recorded Auditions
Band, Choir, Jazz Band, Orchestra
Online Judging & Placement Results
Reduce the cost of auditions for schools
Remote judges work at their own pace
Roster & data reports ready within minutes
Over 50,600 audition entries managed
Auditions are a necessary part of every successful honor group. Musicians are evaluated and the best are selected.
The Problem
The total cost of transporting students to auditions quickly adds up. Directors must plan for buses, equipment, food, and lodging for overnight trips.
The Solution
Participating directors upload student audition recordings. Judges listen and score entries from the comfort of their own office or home.
Chairperson reviews scores and assigns selected performers. The final roster can be published within minutes.
For those holding auditions in-person, we offer an audition tabulation service at FestivalAuditions.com. Judges enter scores directly from their mobile devices. Score data can be exported to spreadsheet with just a few clicks. Contact Us for more info.